Lassen Volcanic: An Unexpected Wonder

There are names dotted across this country which are synonymous with natural beauty: Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, and Everglades, to name a few. They are pristine lands to discover, but the parks which offer up the most intrigue are the unexpected ones. Parks with names few people can point a location to, like Lassen Volcanic.


At the heart of this unexpected wonder is Manzanita Lake, formed 300 years ago from a rock avalanche coming down the Chaos Crags. But this suitably named slope created something far from chaotic; as evidence of the wildlife and vegetation around the lake shows. This volcanic landscape holds a charm with vistas so vast, no camera on earth could capture the expanse.




There is something quiet in this park, marked by the mist around the lake in early mornings when only birds call out and even the earliest hiker is still nestled asleep in a tent. Fox tip-toe through long grasses and ants scurry up the bark of pine trees. What a contrast there is in the forest blanket hugging the rocky slopes of ancient volcanoes. Somehow it’s like Yellowstone meets Halakeala national parks, and fittingly, Lassen Volcanic is located in the middle point of both.




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