Wonders of the Fairyland Trail in Bryce Canyon

When it comes to the wild west, there are many gems to discover. Some are worn gems, polished by the thousands of boots traveling along trails and telling tales of their wonders for all the world to know. Others are less known – like Bryce Canyon National Park – which you might expect to resemble his nearby neighbor, Capital Reef.

Think again.

Bryce Canyon has something no park can boast: a fairyland trail.







And it is truly magical.

This 8.3 mile loop trail is challenging but rewarding, like a labyrinth of ancient stone fortresses and formations to keep you guessing what’s next around each corner. On a cloudy day this trail even has something spooky about it, and the name “hoodoo” only adds to this vibe. Hoodoos are geologic masterpieces formed by frost weathering and river and lake beds eroding over millions of years.

The west surely demonstrates something spectacular: Nature is the greatest sculptor.






Bryce was named after Ebenezer Bryce, a member of a group of Mormons who came out in the mid 1800’s to settle this area. How they survived seems nearly impossible, but they surely weren’t the first humans to inhabit these fairytale lands. Evidence shows natives lived in this area as long as 10,000 years ago.

The Fairyland Trail is a perfect way to capture the essence of Bryce Canyon, and several stops along the way are named to reflect the view and surroundings. Take for example, the China Wall, so named because its ridges remind viewers of the Great Wall of China. Considering which wall came first, we know in this park, nature wins.





  1. I’ve been to Paria and Zion but wow, I must now go to Bryce! Stunning. I love the photo that looks like castles <3

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

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