The Art of Guadalupe Mountains

Along our national parks journey I’ve come to see the places we visit as sprawling museums home to artworks made by the hand of nature. Going past the national park sign is like stepping through the doorway; most often you even pay admission, and then you are free to wander at will, with rules of course.

Don’t destroy the artworks. Speak quietly. Respect others around you. Sit peacefully and observe. The boundary between park and museum fades, in my mind at least.

This couldn’t be more true in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, a place brimming with sculptures and paintings made of sunset gold and rock chiseled by a patient touch. Sometimes the art depicts a moody side of nature; storms and lightning strikes have burned trees, and rocks are thrown this way and that in an abstract collage of expression.

A humble poster captures a bit of the color and landscape, yet it’s like a postcard from a museum.

You must really go there to appreciate the beauty as shown in the artworks below. We hope you can go one day to take in the wonders of Guadalupe Mountains in Texas.

Our latest Centennial Poster from Guadalupe Mountains, inspired by cold nights and the howl of the coyote.


The grand El Capitan seems to rise above Guadalupe Peak, which is actually the tallest point in Texas (next to El Capitan). Here a wistful trail leads in the direction.
Artworks of the smaller kind scattered across the trails.
From Devil’s Hall in Guadalupe Mountains, like walking through a sculpture gallery.







Some sculptures even move, like this Roadrunner.
El Capitan, as seen from the road.


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