An Invitation to Make Art

It’s hard to believe this quest has been underway for five months; it feels like a lifetime. Maybe that’s what happens when you travel through so many places at whirlwind speed, though we were grateful for our recent pause in Ohio. Last week I wrote about the greatest gift of this journey so far, and I want to extend the creative invitation to you.

Many of us grow up drawing or creating, then we stop at a certain age when consciousness kicks in and we suddenly feel aware of how our creations look. Likewise we roam wild scraping our knees, then later on we can’t find the time to get outside and play as adults.

When was the last time you played a game of tag, or actually drew something?

While I know you might not have access to a national park or any park in this immediate moment, I would assume there’s a pen or pencil nearby. Why not take some time to doodle or sketch something?

Here’s why I’m inviting you to make art:

This lovely article explains seven reasons why anyone and everyone should make art, even if you’re bad at it, and the reasons range from increasing focus, decreasing anxiety, problem-solving, and more.

I’ve witnessed these effects myself and wanted to share with you.

Beyond the invitation, here’s how:

If you need a few prompts to create something, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Illuminated Journal. You may have a heart full of new memories after this summer, and now that it’s winding down you have the perfect opportunity to record these stories while they’re still fresh. Pick up a sketchbook and consider crafting an illuminated journal. Our first artist interview featured Amy Bogard; painter, fiber artist, storyteller and tale weaver who also teaches a workshop on this personal form of art.


  • Mud Sculpture. Maybe you’re not a 2-D person, and would like to get your hands dirty? When I was a kid I loved making mud pies for my dolls, and whenever I spot some clay in a creek bed I try to make something.. like this elephant.
Find a body of water with some mud and clay, then craft away.
Find a body of water with some mud and clay, then craft away.
  • DIY Cards. There’s nothing easier than a trip to Michaels, selecting a few stamps, some paint and paper to make your own homemade cards. The process of stamping, overlaying paints and trying different patterns is quite theraputic, I’d highly recommend. In the end you’ll have a collection of cards just in time for the holidays, don’t you think?


A Final Note

We live in a world of labels. Personally, I don’t like terms and categories because they really only exclude. Everyone is an artist and has the ability to make art. Sure, I can appreciate the difference between a five-year-old and a Rembrandt, but this conversation isn’t about competition between skill levels. It’s about creating for the sake of simple expression, for the seven reasons stated in that article above.

So consider yourself thoroughly invited and go make some art!

We hope you’ll share some of your work with us.

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