An Artful Calendar for your 2017 Adventure

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas… with white sandy beaches and green palm trees. Wait a minute. While we do dream of a romantic holiday getaway in snowy Yellowstone, we’re instead kicking off the holiday season with a trip down to Virgin Islands National Park, our 21st park on this quest to visit all 59.

It all wouldn’t have been possible without two years of dreaming and planning. While we firmly believe in living in the present, there’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a new adventure. That’s why we designed our 2017 calendar with park adventures in mind.

Check out our carefully crafted calendar, a national park adventure planner.

All of the images are illustrations inspired directly from our experiences in the parks. Can you guess which parks match the designs? Within each image is a quote carefully selected to inspire you to get out there, appreciating our natural world and loving the beauty of this earth. The words of Rachel Carson are a few of these: 

Natural beauty has a necessary place in the spiritual development of any individual or any society.


Unlike other types of calendars, this print is a piece of art you can hang anywhere near you, to remind you of a new year ahead and the endless possibilities. Why not white sandy beaches and breezy palm trees?

We hope you’ll check out the details in our shop and share your 2017 plans with us. Who knows, maybe we can meet up somewhere!

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