The Unique Poses of the Joshua Tree

They say the Joshua Tree was a guiding inspiration for 19th century Mormons traveling west into their promised lands, the branches like arms beckoning tired souls to continue. Where or not this legend is true, one can easily imagine the unique tree serving as some kind of spiritual sign in a land that seems uninhabitable but is truly rich with life. For any new comer it is a unique tree to behold with its appearance resembling a cross between palm tree and cactus.

Joshua Tree National Park of southern California is a crossroads between two deserts; the Sonoran Desert to the east meets with the Mojave Desert in a slightly higher and wetter western region of the park, where the Joshua Trees stand in unique poses. Truly, no two trees are alike.

We studied these trees in all times of the day and night – from dawn to afternoon, evening, sunset, dusk, midnight, 3 AM, and sunrise again.

Their poses charmed us, and below we share a few of our favorites.







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