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Olympic National Park Hikes

Olympic National Park Hikes

Of the national parks that I have illustrated in the United States, I have to do justice and admit that the one that has dazzled me most because of its variety to date is one that was waiting for me in the last corner of the Northwest, a place where several paradises converge like Imposing Mountains costly carved by Glaciers, Alpine Tundras that seem to multiply Swiss postcards, a dense jungle that draws beauty with the solar rays that timidly penetrate giant and wise trees, a surreal coastal landscape that extends for more than 70 miles.

I think it is disproportionate and naive to visit this immense place in its entirety, especially if time is limited, for me these were the best walks to know the most representative sites of the place to have an Olympic experience.



Right out of Port Angeles these are the doors to the Olympica Peninsula, it is a great starting point to start exploring the park as stunning views can be seen from this place. A gentle 3.2 mile hike that suggests the beauty and splendor of this park. One of the surprises of this hike was the number of deer families that I encountered on the way just when the sun was saying goodbye to the mountains.



It must be driven by uncovered and steep road for 18 miles, and the entire walk is one mile. to reach the highest point. but it is completely worth it to reach the summit an imposing view of the Olympic mountains that rise in front of the gaze.


Lake crescent

On Highway 101 and only 17 miles west of Port Angeles there is a Zafir lagoon of a splendid color with poetic clarity produced by the lack of Nitrogen in its waters which represents a favorable environment that inhibits the growth of algae and produce this coloration . Soaking in these waters is the perfect way to end a day of hiking and exploration, perfect for photographs and taking a nice moment to sit on the beach and sink into the present appreciating an estonishing sunset.



The next morning after making an appointment with a young woman from Port Angeles, we decided to enter the thick jungles of a rain forest known as HOH Rain Forest where the rain constantly falls in showers in which the sky breaks and spills some 170 inches of rain each year, this phenomenon keeps the forest in a magical state where the moss takes over the entire landscape and sets the stage for a fairy tale.

A dream hike was the one we did for about 10 miles out of the 31 that the Hoh River Trail has, an ideal place to appreciate waterfalls, the Olympic mountains, suspicious elk, lazy mosses, wise redwoods and mocking mushrooms.


Kalaloch Beach

This spectacular peninsula is accessible from Highway 101, after driving for almost two hours from the HoH Forest, a massive coast stretches over 70 miles along the coast, a natural paradise that hosts an infinity of flora and wildlife protected by the National Park service, beaches that invite to sin and be carried away by lust and the warmest fantasies of the heart.

Some small islands that when the tide is gone, are completely naked with some trees that rise like Centinels of the ocean that in a jealous and selfless manner register any kiss, any touch, any thought that could be born in these haphazardly forgotten beaches.

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