Images of America In-Between 20 Parks

This week marks seven months on our quest to see and illustrate 59 parks, 20 of which we have now visited. I don’t know about you, but we’ve been feeling a little tired this week so we decided to focus on what we love most. Art. Andres has been honing his photography skills during the journey, taking hundreds of shots within and in between the parks we’ve visited.

In honor of his work, I curated a collection of 20 images from 20 states we’ve travelled through to discover our national parks. We hope they inspire you to see beauty in the United States, in each of her many diverse corners.

Route Traveled So Far

Screenshot of our quest route, the places we’ve travelled through (20 parks, 28 states)

1. Ohio

From a little independent bookstore in Cincinnati. This country is rich with artistry.

2. Kentucky

Even the smallest towns in this country have libraries. We can’t take them for granted.

3. Tennessee

The Anderson Design Group is a family-owned business in Nashville.

4. Arkansas

This country is full of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

5. Oklahoma

Don’t let the stereotypes fool you; Oklahoma is beautiful.

6. Texas

Find the charm in dusty towns.

7. Colorado

Think Colorado is only mountains? The skies and open lands here are vast.

8. Wyoming

It’s good to see some animals taking control of the roads.

9. Montana

What’s not to love about a big sky.

10. North Dakota

We love the creativity visible at every turn.

11. South Dakota

Some places are kind of eerie, but not without character.

12. Minnesota

And there’s so much water.

13. Illinois

My kind of bike, here in Chicago.

14. New York

The grandest lady of them all, still a symbol of hope for so many immigrants.

15. Maine

What’s not to love about the first sunrise spot in the U.S.?

16. New Jersey

Remembering souls with this 911 memorial.

17. Washington DC (we’re counting it as a state)

It’s not only home to politicians. Some of these fellows deserve a place in Congress too, don’t you think?

18. North Carolina

Yes, we were the creepy ones photographing someone’s property – how couldn’t we? Look at that tree!

19. South Carolina

Gotta appreciate our roadways. Going over the Congaree River here, with folks fishing in the background.

20. Georgia

Miles and miles of beaches to discover. Driftwood beach in Georgia.


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