Unveiling the 15th Centennial Poster

Nearly six months into this quest, there are moments when we pause and look back at where we have been, at what we have created. Of the 59 park posters we set out to illustrate on this quest, 25% are complete. It can be easy to briefly lose sight of the “why”, but we know this quest must go on no matter what. I will not lie: the remaining 75% seems uncertain during challenging times.

Our latest poster of an iconic lighthouse in Acadia marks #15 on this quest to illustrate all 59.

But then I remind us to pause. To exist where we are now.

It’s easy to say this nomadic lifestyle is crazy and hectic and I don’t feel like myself, or maybe I’m becoming a new self, but then I pause. Aren’t we all going through constant changes no matter what the circumstances and where we are?

We can look at the 75% ahead and feel overwhelmed, or we can exist where we are now, let that be enough, and live each moment with wonder. I’d rather not fret, but enjoy the little miracles of this quest, thinking as Walt Whitman thought.

To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.

Yes, even that hour when you’re cold and hungry and tired. After all, none of us can predict what may come tomorrow, so  better to enjoy the hour. Cheers to #15!

10% of profit from this poster goes to Friends of Acadia, which we set aside and donate quarterly.

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