Ode to the Giant Sequoia

Recent exploration of Sequoia National Park left behind a line or two about the beauty of Sequoias, captured along with the latest Centennial Poster and photos from backpacking among the trees:


Behold, the mighty Sequoia

What secrets do you covet

beneath the weathered bark of your skin

3 feet thick, your outer shell aged

3,000 years you have towered here

How many hands touched you

How many eyes assessed you

Measured you up, calculated your worth

Silently you stared down

All the songs in your branches swayed

8 feet long each they held homes for many

The largest we hear, the smallest we wonder


You resist the many foes of the world

Flame, fungus and pest do not fell you

Only the hands that wander

And even they, they now caress you

Who walked beneath your canopy

Rested their back upon your soul

Did they take something away

Or maybe they left, a scratch or dent upon you

Light filters through your slender form

Our thoughts are speckles on light

They float fragile among your might

Too young we are, tiny in your presence

Behold, the sleeping Sequoia

So you seem to us

But there is a truth we do not know

The words you say, we cannot hear







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