For Those Who Live in Death Valley

For those who live in Death Valley National Park, life is slow and steady. A thousand stars light the footsteps of those who named this place over 150 years ago, carrying with them the impossible hope of riches. Quiet tortoise eyes watched from drifts shaped by a sun kissed wind. Who else could survive in this place, one of the hottest places on Earth.

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For those who live in Death Valley, they are resilient and steadfast. They do not thirst easily and a ground temperature of 201 degrees does not burn their feet. What little rainfall touches these lands creates a stunning burst of yellow flowers that draws tourists as hungrily as the rush of gold called beauty seekers generations ago.





For those who live in Death Valley, they find themselves in company with at least 1,000 types of plants who brave what feels like a barren wonderland to the human soul. Wandering among them beneath the blazing sun leads to contemplation of what comes next beyond the next dune. Although roads within the park can take you around for 300 miles, the immensity of this place cannot even be reached by all those who live here.



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  1. Death Valley is quite literally the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I knew it would be before I even went and it did not disappoint.

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